proJMS is a library for Processing that allows the easy usage of JMS. It allows to publish and consume JMS text messages and to create peer to peer communication between processing applications in a network.

proJMS integrates Apache ActiveMQ into your processing application, currently using ActiveMQ 5.6.0.

The main idea of this library is to allow processing users to easily integrate JMS infrastructure into a processing application. For the ease of use in this first version, only text messages can be send and received. More JMS feature will be added later and/or on request.

proJMS has been sucessfully used for transmitting GML documents between bombIR 2.0 applications in Berlin, Vancouver and Seoul during the PWN THE WALL event, october 2012. proJMS has been tested on Windows7 and Mac OSX with processing 1.5.1 and 2.0b7.

You can download the latest version of proJMS from here:

or from . See our project wiki on sourceforge for installation and usage instructions.

Please let us know if you’ve got problems running proJMS so we can fix bugs or clarify documentation if needed. Use the sourceforge ticketing system or our contact form for this purpose.

Credits: proJMS has been developed by Hauke Altmann in collaboration with Jesse Scott, Semiramis Ceylan and Mirae Rosner.

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