Mushroom/Yarn Throwies

Lamppole by night with textile mushrooms attached to it 

A Mushroom Throwie is a textile mushroom object with a magnetic foot. It it suitable for being thrown to ferro metallic surfaces, preferably within urban architecture and stay in place out of reach of passer-bys. It is a relative of the LED-Throwie originally invented by GRL New York and a child of the global Yarn Bombing movement.

Since the invention of the Yarn Throwie (magnetic pom-pom) in June and soon the Mushroom Throwie, autumn 2011 has been an incredibly fruitful season. During numerous workshops Mushroom Throwies have multiplied thanks to amazingly motivated mushroom makers of all ages. Thanks to Kulturlabor Trial+Error, co-up coworking space, Open Design City, Ladyfest Mülheim, Recycled Creativity Fest and Makerplatz Festival for hosting the first Mushroom Throwie Workshops ever! Here some impressions from workshops and Throwie wild-life:

This is the sewing pattern for a Mushroom Throwie. Download and print here Print-Pattern.pdf (1,1 mb)
More detailed instructions and material list coming soon! If needed earlier mail semi

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