Light Rider

The GRLG Light Rider is a cargo bike fitted out for use as a mobile audio-visual unit. It is equipped to hold the necessary gear for BlitzTag sessions and can also be used for political actions and other public interventions. The Light Rider allows for easily mobilizing groups into spontaneous actions that are not fixed to a single location.

Light Rider version 0.9

The Light Rider is GRL Germany’s “Mobile Broadcast Unit”, a mobile audio-visual projection rig consisting of:

  • Front-loading Cargo Tricycle with 100 Kilo capacity
  • 1 LiFePO4 Battery with 200 Ah
  • A 1000 Watt Sine Wave Inverter
  • Flexible Laptop, Camera, and Projector stand
  • Digital Stereo Sound System loud enough to wake your deaf grandpa two blocks away
  • 6K ANSI Lumens Projector

Light Rider version 2.0

Light Rider Soundsystem Setup

If you want to use the Light Rider for political actions or non-commercial cultural events, contact us.

The Light Rider has been funded in part by [Aktion!Karl-Marx-Straße] and the Awesome Foundation – Berlin Chapter

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  15. Hey Martin,
    The sine wave generator converts the 12V direct current from the batteries to 230V AC for the projector and the Notebook we run with this setup.
    Cheers, sid

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