GRLG at Makerplatz

On Sep30/Oct1, GRL Germany was honoured to take part in Makerplatz, a public celebration of the d.i.y. maker culture centred around Moritzplatz in Berlin.

GRLG at 6th Assault – now with video!

From September 26th to 30th 2011 several members of GRL Germany had the chance to be part of this years International Urban Art Festival „Sexto Asalto„!

Based in the City of Zaragoza in central Spain, graffiti artists from all over Europe and Spain were invited to do walls in the old-town. Graffiti Research Lab Germany was represented with a talk, two workshops (Creative Code and GML) a hand full of mushroom Throwies, the launch of bombIR 2.0 and of course a night out with blitzTag. Here some video from a truly inspiring, busy and VERY sunny week!


Alles gute zum Geburtstag!

Graffiti Research Lab Germany just turned One !!!



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hear ye, hear ye… a GRL AGM

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Notice is hereby given to all members, collaborators, would-be collaborators, fans, writers, coders, hackers, artists, rebels, 99-percenters…

Graffiti Research Lab Germany has recently completed its inaugural year of operations, and as such will be holding its 2011 Annual General Meeting. The details of the meeting are as follows:

Date:        11.11.11 | Friday, Nov. 11th

Time:       6pm

Venue:     Platoon, Alte Schönhauser Straße 3
10119 Berlin

The agenda for the meeting will be as follows:

  1. Welcome and Opening Remarks from GRLG

  2. Software Programmer’s Annual General Report

  3. Amendments to proposed activities in 2012

  4. Election of core collaborators for 2012

  5. blitzTag Mitte + party



We promise it will be more fun that this:

Glühwein + Graffiti


The Berlin portions of GRL Germany and our allies over at F.A.T. Lab are organizing a little Pub Crawl this Saturday, to celebrate our respective birthdays!

There will be hot Glühweinhot beats c/o the Light Rider, and cold nights… details TBA.





EDIT : details are >> here <<

Light Rider & blitzTag at MAKERPLATZ

GRL Germany is participating in Makerplatz and the People in Beta Festival this weekend.  Details of our activities below.

Mushroom Throwies | Saturday Oct 1 13:00 +  | Planet Modulor Hof (U-bahn Moritzplatz)

Pilz throwies are small textile objects with magnets which can be thrown onto ferro metallic surfaces in and out of reach. This workshop will give you the chance to learn how to sew your own mushroom-shaped yarn throwie. Plant it public space as a soft graffiti intervention!

Light Rider & blitzTag | Saturday Oct 1 | 20:00 +  | Moritzplatz area

GRL Germany will bring our mobile projection unit, the Light Rider, to Makerplatz, and light up the walls with laser-based digital graffiti.  Connecting the various spaces of the Makerplatz and People in Beta Festival, we’ll provide interactive, light-based options to transform these spaces, allowing the public to use the city as their canvas.

These events are part of Makerplatz & the People in Beta Festival,

Sewing Mushroom Throwies | Yarn Bombing Workshop


Yarn throwies are small textile objects with magnets which can be thrown to ferro metallic surfaces in and out of reach. This workshop will give you the chance to learn how to sew your own mushroom-shaped yarn throwie. Take it home or well plant it public space as a soft graffiti intervention!

This workshop is a follow-up event to a previous workshop on Yarn Bombing thanks to which the Yarn Throwie was invented!

All required maretials and tools will be provided. Suitable for sewing-beginners as well as advanced textile hackers!

Workshop: September 8th, 7pm – 11pm, Open Design City
Workshop fee: 6 – 9 Euro

Questions? Mail Semi!

Find this event on facebook.

blitzTag in Marzahn

Invited by Sumone Productions for the opening of their Quergange Marzahn show at Galerie M, GRLG headed on a long-ass S-Bahn trip out to the desolate landscape of Marzahn with a 6.5K beamer, a few extension cords, a 25mw laser, and put on a light show for the *ahem* masses 😉

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Light Rider | Friday 15th

yo to the yoes…


we’ve been seeing your Google searches, all impatient and stuff, wondering about the guerilla projections this Friday… well, here it is…

Our First Wall, at Karl-Marx Stasse and Weichselstrasse… we will be there by 11pm at the latest!


and the route to the 2nd (and possibly 3rd) walls…


As always, find us on out Twitter for updates…

GRL Germany at Vigo Transforma

We’ve just returned, well tanned (well, burnt in one case), from Vigo, Spain, where we were fortunate enough to be invited to do two installations of blitzTag and LED Throwies at the Vigo Transforma Festival.