Call for Walls

Help us indentifying good walls in berlin for laser tagging and other projections

GRL Germany agents are always on the lookout for good new walls, especially ones with the right characteristics for urban projection. We have started a Google Map database, and invite you to contribute. To qualify, the wall should: * Be large and unobstructed by trees, lamp posts, billboards, etc. * Light coloured (light-medium gray or brown is borderline acceptable, depending upon the equipment) * Mono-coloured (ie. all one colour) * Non-reflective (ie. no corrugated metal surfaces) Ideal conditions: * Ideally of a horizontal (4:3-ish) aspect * Have publicly accessible power * Have clear lines of sight for passerby   Collaborative Google Map is >> HERE << When editing/placing potential locations, please name them, give a brief description as to the situation (light, public, power, etc), and draw a shape indicating where the projection field would be vis-a-vis the projection surface.

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