bombIR is a drawing application aimed at providing a more physical, kinesthetic experience of digital graffiti. As an interactive installation it uses a custom electronic spray can and video projection to enable graffiti artists and casual users to produce graffiti on a much larger scale then conventional means. The capabilities of bombIR and the custom spray cans facilitate drawing more sophisticated pieces in a way that feels familiar to the artist and better captures the feel of analog spray painting.

bombIR-setup-cropped bombIR was originally conceived and built by Graffiti Research Lab Canada, by Agent Scott and Agent NomIg, with the assistance of the Banff New Media Institute, and has been showcased at New Forms Festival and Vancouver Art Gallery in Vancouver, Nuit Blanche in Toronto, Artengine in Ottawa, and Under Pressurein Montreal.

The newest version of bombIR has been showcased at PWN THE WALL where the software was used to connect Vancouver, Berlin and Seoul in a 25 hour interactive graffiti installation and at the Festival de la Cite, Lausanne, in july 2013.

Note: The setup of bombIR is pretty complex. We try to document it here as good as we can. However, getting the software to work is still not easy (we are struggling ourselves sometimes), so prepare for some head ache when getting into this.


To run bombIR you need

  1. Computer running Linux, Windows or MacOSX, capable of running Processing 2.0 and able to connect devices via Bluetooth and USB. The computer also needs to be able to connect at least one extra screen to it
  2. Playstation Eye Camera (other USB cams might work as well) with infrared filter removedĀ 
  3. Custom build IR spraycan (including a Playstation Move controller), [build instructions to be added here]
  4. Rear projection screen (that is not blocking infrared light)
  5. If you want to connect more than one screen to your nodebook, a Matrox DualHead2Go or TripleHead2Go
  6. Tripod for the camera
  7. Projector (2000+ Ansi lumens) for projecting on the rear projection screen
  8. Projector (10000+) for projecting on a wall (optional)

Software Download

We are hosting the most recent version of bombIR at github:

Check out the repository to give it a try.

Feel free to send us bug reports, patches, feature requests etc. Please use the github infrastructure (issue tracker, pull requests) for this purpose.