We are part of the “19. Lange Nacht der Kunst” in Ahrenshoop, Germany

Kunsthaus Lukas – Photo by J.-H. Janßen

In cooperation with the artist Melina Weissenborn from the art duo Stiller we will exhibit works from Stiller and Graffitiresearch Lab Germany at the “Lange Nacht der Kunst” in Ahrenshoop. We will also talk about our work that evening. The Talk and the exhibition are part of a workshop grant of the “Künstlerhaus Lukas” that Stiller and GRLG want to use to work on a project together (details about the project will follow).

Talk and exhibition will take part on the 18th of august at the Künstlerhaus Lukas in Ahrenshoop.

You can find all the details at the Ahrenshoop website (german only).

Light Rider and Blitztag @ german TV show Galileo

The Light Rider and Blitztag have been featured in the german TV show ‘Galileo‘ on monday. See the video at myvideo.de (We are there from minute 6:20 to the end).

Light Bombing Sessions @ Festival de la cite, Lausanne 2013

Art can never be crime!

During the festival de la cite in Lausanne (9th – 14th of july 2013, 2013.festivalcite.ch), we presented a brand new version of bombIR, an open source tool for digital graffiti using customized spraycans, infrared tracking and powerful projectors. Featuring graffiti writers Alesh One and Cren One from Berlin and some great anonymous graffiti writers from Lausanne.

bombIR has been created with processing . A psmove controller and the psmoveapi is used to connect the spraycans with the software. You can download the bombIR source code from github.


Graffiti Research Lab Germany @ Katowice Street Art Festival 2013


Right now we are charging batteries, inflating tires and choosing hip hop tracks for the playlist… In short: we are getting ready for a blitztag and light rider session at the Katowice Street Art Festival 2013 in Katowice, Poland.

Join us to laser some walls. Let’s see what the Katowice writers are made of.

We will start our ride on saturday, 27th of april when it’s getting dark. Check our twitter account for updates on that day.

Bring your bike. We will change location at least once.

12./13./14. OCT: PWN THE WALL is coming up

Your piece. On a wall. In another city. On another continent. As you draw.

GRL members in Berlin, Vancouver and Seoul are preparing for PWN THE WALL, an interactive digital graffiti event, connecting Berlin with Vancouver and Seoul. We will open our 25 hour installation friday night at Platoon Kunsthalle, Schönhauser Allee 9. Read all about the event here.

A lot of preparation will be done before that to make it (at least for us) the event of the year. Feel free to visit us at Platoon the whole week before the event. We could always use a helping hand.

Pimp My Installation

To make the place as cosy as possible and inviting to lounge around during the event we are looking for furniture. If you’ve got a spare couch in your cellar or a floor lamp that you always wanted to get rid off or at least rent out for a weekend, contact us. We can organise the transport.

Note: We are not in the Platoon Kunsthalle itself but in a building behind the Kunsthalle.

More details to come.

We’re at STREET LABour festival, Kindl Brauerei on the 31st of August, 8 PM

StreetLAB2012 Locations for GRLG actions

GRL Germany will be at the STREET LABour festival @ Kindl Brauerei on the 31st of august from 8pm til 2pm, presenting a brand new version of bombIR (1.) and blitztag (2.) with a REALLY nice projector, thanks to our friends from Lichtpiraten.

The STREET LAbour festival is an urban art festival featuring  exhibitions, dance programs, public interventions and the urban art circus. The festival starts on thursday and ends on the 2nd september. You can find the program just here.

Meet the Light Rider at THE BIKE BRIGADE (3rd AUG – 8th AUG), Berlin

TheLight Rider will be at the DIY-Cargobike-Exhibition THE BIKE BRIGADE  (3rd aug – 8th aug 2012) at  PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin.

Opening will be on friday (3rd aug, 20h) . Come along to see our  Mobile Projection Unit in unaccustomed surroundings (roofed, heated, illuminated).

More infos at platoon.org

Update: We will take the light rider out tonight (THU, 09.08., around 21h) for a blitztag session in Berlin Mitte together with all the other cargo bikes. Meeting point is the PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin. Bring your bike!

27th of july 2012, from 21h: Light Rider @ Demonstration in front of Arbeitsamt Müllerstraße

With the headline “Social exclusion? Fuck off!” there will be a demonstration in front of the Arbeitsamt Müllerstraße (S+U.Bhf. Wedding) on the 27th of july, starting at 21h.

The Light Rider will be there and we will do some laser tagging after nightfall. Come along.

The preliminary announcement of the event:
“Rent, wage labor, racism in everyday life, youth club shutdown? What to do? Tag your anger on a wall? With light graffiti! Come over, let’s show solidarity with the social struggles from Kotti to Neukölln. The city belongs to us!
Special: Rap from the streets for the streets feat. Lena Stoehfaktor (requested)
Come together, for an organisation from below!
Presented by: Hände weg vom Wedding (Hands of Wedding)!”

Meet GRL Germany every friday in january @ ODC

In january GRL Germany meets every friday at Open Design City in Berlin, Kreuzberg to work on several projects. Currently mainly on the Light Rider.

We are searching for people with time and passion to join us in pushing GRL and the ideas of digital graffiti, urban interventions, open source and collective working further. Come and meet us!

You will find us every friday at ODC at betahaus (Prinzessinnenstr 19-20, Kreuzberg) from 12am to 5 pm.

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Was ist GRL – LASER Tag Intro

Eine kurze Einführung in die Welt von GRL.

Laser tagging ist das beliebteste Kunstwerk. Einfach umzusetzen und jeder kann mit machen.

Kurz und Knapp: Eine Kamera filmt eine Hauswand ab, mit einem Laserpointer “schreibt” man etwas auf die Hauswand. Die Software dahinter merkt sich den Laserpointer und schreibt mit Hilfe eines Beamers das Graffiti an die Wand. Geht garantiert wieder ab 😉

Hier ein Video aus New York! (Bald kommen noch andere schöne Sachen)

Und noch was kleines aus Wien, Österreich