LED-Throwies at CYNETART Dresden

Last weekend GRL Berlin ran a wonderful LED-Throwie workshop at CYNETART festival in Dresden. Around 20 motivated participants joined in to make red, green, blue and yellow LED-Throwies – oh yes, no messing around there with colors – each color had its own table! One dark underpass at the Neustadt neighborhood got lucky to be picked as the new home of 700 shining Throwies.

LED-Throwies_CyNetArt13 LED-Throwies_CyNetArt12 LED-Throwies_CyNetArt11 LED-Throwies CyNetArt LED-Throwies_CyNetArt09 LED-Throwies_CyNetArt08 LED-Throwies_CyNetArt07 LED-Throwies_CyNetArt06 LED-Throwies_CyNetArt05 LED-Throwies_CyNetArt04 LED-Throwies_CyNetArt03 LED-Throwies_CyNetArt02 LED-Throwies_CyNetArt01

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