Light Bombing Sessions @ Festival de la cite, Lausanne 2013

Art can never be crime!

During the festival de la cite in Lausanne (9th – 14th of july 2013,, we presented a brand new version of bombIR, an open source tool for digital graffiti using customized spraycans, infrared tracking and powerful projectors. Featuring graffiti writers Alesh One and Cren One from Berlin and some great anonymous graffiti writers from Lausanne.

bombIR has been created with processing . A psmove controller and the psmoveapi is used to connect the spraycans with the software. You can download the bombIR source code from github.


Ready for take off


While facing a number of site specific and technology specific challenges we are getting closer to the opening of the “Cité”.  Very helpful, friendly, capable staff is making our set up here run relatively smooth  – Swiss summer and a beautyful scenery helps as well. Got some local graph writers testing the installation last night…

We’ll keep you updated!