Seoul looking at Berlin

Thank you to all writers, helpers, hosts, visitors, GRLs who made this BIG event happen! Berlin had an awsome time and says see you soon to Vancouver and Seoul! A video-Doku and more photos will be presented soon! For now lets get some sleep and say hi! to our own time zone againg.

full credits (let us know if someone is missing!):

Commissioned Graffiti Artists: The Dark (V), Take 5 (V), ALESH ONE (DISSIZIT!) (B), Cren (KD, TNB, CBR, HSF, TPA) (B), Klub7 (B), Poet73 (B), gogoplata (B), Marianne (B), JnJ Crew (S). Artistic Direction/GRL: Jesse Scott (V), Mirae Rosner (V), Hauke Altmann (B), Semiramis Ceylan (B). Vancouver Crew: Michael Manning, Vincent van Haff (flyingoctopus), Devin Wells, Prophecy Sun. Berlin Crew: Daniel Daoudi/artist curation, Falko Neubert/technical support, Open Media Accelerator OMA Kai Strasser/video dokumantation, Jaime Schwartz/PR, Sofia Ceylan, Tau Pibernat, Hanna Gudenau. Seoul Crew: Udo Lee, Joon Kim, Doohoo Kim. Host venues: W2 Community Meida Arts (Irwin Oostindie, Lianne Payne, Jen Castro), Platoon Cultural Development (Tom Bueschemann, Chester Inseong Kim, Christoph Frank, Marcello Dato, Domink Lissel)

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