no laser, no cry

*********** Feb 3rd ********
EDIT: we have another CNC machine working, tested this morning. We will be releasing daily cutting times later this afternoon. For those of you that have already made tags/drawings, please come by our station sometime today.


We all know that graffiti is the enemy of the powers that be. Add power tools and lasers to that mix, and you are probably not going to be allowed to exhibit – legally – in public.

GRL Germany had their SVG2BVG installation – well, at least the laser cutter portion of it – shut down by Transmediale/Haus der Kultur der Welt today, on the first day of the festival. Apparently we were going to harm ourselves. GRLG is now officially the bad boys + girls of #TM11.

Because we re-purposed our laser from a consumer level projector (Casio XJ-A140 for those keeping score at home), the specifications and safety guidelines of that laser could not be confirmed or accepted. We’re DIY, and don’t care about that kind of thing. I guess German bureaucrats do.

But not to worry, we will be moving the cutter tomorrow, and doing a remote stencil service, with live camera feed. Stay tuned…

~ Agent Scott

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