LED-Throwies at CYNETART Dresden

Last weekend GRL Berlin ran a wonderful LED-Throwie workshop at CYNETART festival in Dresden. Around 20 motivated participants joined in to make red, green, blue and yellow LED-Throwies – oh yes, no messing around there with colors – each color had its own table! One dark underpass at the Neustadt neighborhood got lucky to be [...]

Light Bombing Sessions @ Festival de la cite, Lausanne 2013

During the festival de la cite in Lausanne (9th – 14th of july 2013, 2013.festivalcite.ch), we presented a brand new version of bombIR, an open source tool for digital graffiti using customized spraycans, infrared tracking and powerful projectors. Featuring graffiti writers Alesh One and Cren One from Berlin and some great anonymous graffiti writers from [...]

Ready for take off

While facing a number of site specific and technology specific challenges we are getting closer to the opening of the “Cité”.  Very helpful, friendly, capable staff is making our set up here run relatively smooth  – Swiss summer and a beautyful scenery helps as well. Got some local graph writers testing the installation last night…
We’ll [...]

LIGHT BOMBING at Lausanne City Festival

Take a can in your hand and bomb on a building – all over – with light – no ladder or rope required. Graffiti Research Lab Germany presents a new generation of digital graffiti for physical architecture. Manipulating the look of a well known building, using your imagination, leaving your mark and your message, owning [...]

Reviewing Mud-Throwies Premiere

Quite some time ago but still here come two videos featruing (amongst others) our freezingly cold but extremly fun Mud-Thrwowie action for the CTM Opening weekend:
see minute 2:20

see minute 1:20

Vernissage Supermarkt from CITY iLIKE on Vimeo.

LED-Mud-Throwies at SUPERMARKT 25th Jan

GRL Germany is starting 2013 with a new make of the GRL-Classic LED-Throwie.
We are proudly introducing the LED-Mud-Throwie! LED-Throwies are no longer restricted to ferromagnetic structures but can now even conquer any concrete, marble or stone surfaces…
Come along and try this brand new type of Throwie: Throw it at the opening weekend of Club Transmediale [...]