GRLG @ Rock The Block, 2.+3. October

On the 2nd and 3rd october GRL Germany will “Rock the Block” in Berlin-Kreuzberg with three events: blitzTag intervention, LED-Throwie- and Mushroom-Throwie-Workshop.  At “Rock the Block” a number of graffiti and urban art related exhibitions, workshops and events will take part for two days between Adalbertstraße and Mariannenstraße. Looking forward to be part of it!
Where [...]

That was blitzTag at Comic Invasion, next event this friday

Blitztag at the Comic Invasion festival was a whole lot of fun. The wall was great, the people too.
Our next blitztag and light rider event will be this friday in weissensee and got the title “Your tag against nazi lifestyle” (“Dein Graffiti gegen rechten Lifestyle“, website in german). Join in if you hate nazi wear [...]

Meet GRL Germany every friday in january @ ODC

In january GRL Germany meets every friday at Open Design City in Berlin, Kreuzberg to work on several projects. Currently mainly on the Light Rider.
We are searching for people with time and passion to join us in pushing GRL and the ideas of digital graffiti, urban interventions, open source and collective working further. Come and [...]

Light Rider entering Velogistic network

Happy new year everybody! GRLG is back from the winter break and prepares for a new seasons of sun, fun, digital graffiti, comunity events and more.

From this week on, the Light Rider is part of the platform Postfossilmobil – Velogistic
Ab dieser Woche ist unser Light Rider Teil der neuen Plattform Postfossilmobil – Velogistic. The goal [...]

Light Rider Out again!

This weekend we spontaneously had the chance to bring out the Light Rider yet one more time to the beloved neighbourhood of Neukölln Karl-Marx-Str. Thanks to all who passed by and wrote with us!

Light Rider + blitzTag | Time + Place | 24.06.11

dear all y’all,
thanks again to everyone who came out to support our action last Friday, for the launch of blitzTag & Light Rider !! It was a huge success.
and apologies to anyone who missed us at Hermannplatz.
FYI, GRL Germany will be featured on the weekly cultural magazine Stilbruch.
This Thursday 23.06, 22:15 on RBB.
The segment follows [...]

Throwie Removal Unit

Hot on the tail of our LED Throwie action at Kottbusser Tor, and because of the roughly 18,000,000 comments on about what we were going to do about the batteries, we built a Throwie Removal Unit (Instructable >> here < <)… an extension painters pole with a large metal plate… and took ‘em all [...]

blitzTag at Moritzplatz

‘sup kids ?!?
Video still under production, but here are some quick shots from last Friday’s action.
Word ‘em Up to Street Lab, Prinzessinen Garten, Licht Piraten, and all the writers and public who came out and DIDN’t draw a penis.

GRL Germany at Street Lab Meets Berlin

As part of the Street Lab meets Berlin Fest, we’re showing blitzTag this weekend, plus doing an intro/behind the scenes talk. We’re also working with local artist Shine in Decay, who will be leading an LED throwie workshop & urban installation. Details below:
GRL Germany presents blitzTag, a brand new Laser Tag software, with [...]