blitzTag is a projection software suite inspired by LaserTag, which was originally created by Theo Watson. It has a relatively easy set up that enables users to be more flexible and spontaneous regarding location. Creating visuals with a laser pointer, blitzTag is best suited for Tagging, Writing, and drawing simple designs while giving the impression of drawing directly onto a wall or surface. BlitzTag is often used in combination with the Light Rider, our mobile audio-visual projection unit.

Key Features:

Get it here: !FOR NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY! blitzTagApp_v0.9 | blitzTagRemote APK | blitzTagRemote Source

Hardware Requirements:

  • Modern processor (core i3/5/7)
  • Dedicated Nvidia Graphics Card (the faster the better) and current drivers: we get ~30 fps on a GTX330m, 60 fps on a 460m.
  • Camera…  For smaller setups a PS3 Eye-Cam gives good results. If you use a PS3 Cam makes sure to use this driver. For larger setups, we recommend a Firewire DVCam, or, if you have a capture card, a security-grade USB camera, as this will allow you manual zoom and iris control.
  • Projector. For outside events, we recommend at least a 5K ANSI Lumens unit. We’ve used from 5K to 9K to 22K… Really depends on your wall and logistics.
  • Laser Pointer. Green, yo. For smaller/internal setups, a 1-3 mw will work. For larger/external setups, anything from 10+ mw to 60 is necessary. We bought ours (5, 15, 25 mw versions) from Wicked Lasers, but GRL NYC bought theirs (60mw) from LaserGlow
  • Microsoft Kinect (optional)
  • Android smartphone (optional)

Software Requirements (app):

  • Windows (for now, Mac support is coming…. maybe soon… maybe not so soon.)
  • Touch Designer : BlitzTag was created in a visual programming environment called Touch Designer, by the good folks at Derivative. So in order to run blitzTag, you need to install “TouchDesigner FTE 077″ and license it (FTE version is free for non commercial use).  We recommend to use build 14080 available here: TD 14080

Software Requirements (remote):

  • For source code editing/browsing, Processing 1.5 with Android SDK – instructions here. You need OscP5 and APWidgets Libraries, installed according to these instructions.
  • To install the APK, download the file, connect your phone to your computer, and put it on the SDCard. It will require the permissions “Internet” (for OSC communication) and “Vibrate” (for haptic feedback).
  • The remote has been tested on a variety of devices, from OS 2.1 to 2.3, but please comment here if you have issues.

Getting Help / Bugs:

You can ask questions about hardware or software setup on this page in the comment, or (mainly software questions) in this thread on the TouchDesigner forums (you should probably check out the Touch Designer site anyways…). Achim Kern, the head developer of blitzTag, has written a small manual on his site: blitzTagManual ……………………. Note that this version is not heavily tested. Please report any bugs in above mentioned thread. You can see an overview of some of the features here: