Throwie Removal Unit

Hot on the tail of our LED Throwie action at Kottbusser Tor, and because of the roughly 18,000,000 comments on about what we were going to do about the batteries, we built a Throwie Removal Unit (Instructable >> here < <)… an extension painters pole with a large metal plate… and took ‘em all [...]

kinecTag v0.1

Proof-of-concept of new kinect-based graffiti tool, made with Onformative Studio.
Using openNI and osceleton to communicate with Processing, and Jerome Saint-Clair’s GML4U library to save GML files.

LED Throwies at Kottbusser Tor

yeah yeah… you’ve probably already seen it here and/or here … but we thought we’d show some more !!!

big up’s to Street Lab, SID, the rest of the GRL Germany crew, all our workshop participants, and of course all the little kids that straight up mobbed us and helped us put up 350+ throwies !!

blitzTag at Moritzplatz

‘sup kids ?!?
Video still under production, but here are some quick shots from last Friday’s action.
Word ‘em Up to Street Lab, Prinzessinen Garten, Licht Piraten, and all the writers and public who came out and DIDN’t draw a penis.

GRL Germany at Street Lab Meets Berlin

As part of the Street Lab meets Berlin Fest, we’re showing blitzTag this weekend, plus doing an intro/behind the scenes talk. We’re also working with local artist Shine in Decay, who will be leading an LED throwie workshop & urban installation. Details below:
GRL Germany presents blitzTag, a brand new Laser Tag software, with [...]