Just a quick note of thanks to everybody who came out to the presentation at ODC on Wednesday. It was a great, supportive crowd, with lot’s of hot ideas. We are really excited as to the potential collaborations and developments this could foster…
We are equally excited about the workshop session that we will be [...]

GML Nominated for Open Web Award

Evan and the team over at F.A.T. Lab / GRL Mothercell / Graffiti Analysis / 000000book have been nominated for the Mozilla Drumbeat Open Web Award, along with some other very worthy projects, but they are falling behind! Head over and give them some love!

Heute Tag!

GRL_DE is prototyping a new Laser Tag software, with a whole suite of new features. Like GRL Vienna’s Processing-based Laser Marker, this is NOT meant to be a replacement to Theo’s and the MotherCell’s version, just a different flavour, with slightly different capabilities.
This is just a preview… more visuals and source code coming soon…

GRL Sessions – Berlin

hey kids!
The Berlin Cell of GRL Deutschland is going to be activated at the end of this month, during a series of sessions at our favourite Makers Lab, Open Design City… Wednesday the 27th, at 7pm, we will be talking about the history of GRL, my experience with GRL Canada, Open Sourcery and the Creative [...]

Was ist GRL – LASER Tag Intro

Eine kurze Einf├╝hrung in die Welt von GRL.
Laser tagging ist das beliebteste Kunstwerk. Einfach umzusetzen und jeder kann mit machen.
Kurz und Knapp: Eine Kamera filmt eine Hauswand ab, mit einem Laserpointer “schreibt” man etwas auf die Hauswand. Die Software dahinter merkt sich den Laserpointer und schreibt mit Hilfe eines Beamers das Graffiti an die Wand. [...]